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For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here.

Q: What is included in the price of the Cruise?

A: Like in every other cruise, We are including, Your taxes and fees, your stateroom accommodation in the category requested, (upon availability), Your daily meals (unless you book one of the specialty restaurants because they are additional fees) First Class Entertainment, use of the common facilities onboard like Pools, water slides, flow riding (not private lessons) Hot tubs, Gym, library, chapel, media room, disco, bars and lounges, sport facilities like rock climbing, ice skating ring, zip lining, mini golf, basket ball court, bumper cars (when available on that specific ship)

Q: What is not included in the price of the cruise?

A: It’s NOT Included: Your Beverage Packages and Cocktail making classes, Wine testing, Shore Excursions,  Internet Packages, Specialty Restaurants, Photo Packages, cameras and accessories, any other purchases like shops onboard and duty free promotions, the use of the Spa and any Spa treatments or any other “personal item” And the use of exclusive Venues like VIP Lounges, Suite Lounges and Tier Lounges (Because they are restricted to a specific stateroom categories)

Q: What if I don’t have the perfect body?

A: You DO have the perfect body, the one that you have, don’t worry about being a male model, at the end of the day we are not Atlantis, relax and if you are a male model…you are welcome too!

Q: How many people will be in the group?

A: For us it’s impossible to know beforehand how many cruisers our group will have, because we are booking till the last day before the cruise as long as the cruise line has some availability, same as how old they are, what are their beliefs, religion, political parties, race, gender or whether they are gay, bisexual, transgender, tops or bottoms, because we don’t ask that information when booking, we don’t keep it and even if we knew, that’s confidential information therefore we do not share it.

Q: Will someone from Caribbean Gay Cruises travel with us?

A: Yes, even if the group is 6 people or less, there’s always someone meeting you the day before the cruise starts and he/she will be with you during the whole cruise, that’s our commitment, in order to provide you with a group leader to reach if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: Activities Onboard?

A: We always try to arrange at least 3 different group parties, if the cruise is visiting islands where we have warm weather, We make at least one Outdoor Party or Solarium Party, exclusive dining room accommodation (from the second night), 1 or 2 formal nights (according to the ship)

Q: Can our Gay Friendly Friends come with Us?

A: Yes, They can come and they can share with the rest of the group on a daily basis, dining room tables, bars, at the pool, sports and shore excursions. Attendance is not mandatory at any get together and remember that most of our friends and family members traveling with us might not feel comfortable participating in all gay activities, private parties or cabin parties.

Q: Are minors allowed to travel with Us?

A: No, unfortunately They cannot travel with members of the group, because even during regular social activities like having dinner, adults can talk about different topics, using vocabulary that is not convenient for them.

Q: What to wear?

A: According to the weather you will feel how to wear, During formal nights most of the cruise lines have a dress code, smart casual is always a great option and  the famous “Dress to impress” might work when meeting new friends.

Q: Are women welcome in the group?

A: Yes, of course! they can join our activities and they can also arrange their own private parties.

Q: Can I apply military discount?

A: Yes, depending on the cruise line, we can apply a military discount, please let us know before booking, so we can get the best rate for you.

Q: Do I need passport or visa?

A: Yes, you might need one, however most of the Caribbean ports allow you to use your valid driver’s license or other valid Picture ID, but its always better to make sure that you have  the right  documents with you so you won’t miss any port of call.

Q: Is smoking permitted?

Yes, only in designated areas, each cruise line has different smoking policies, be aware that using any kind of drugs is against the law.

Q: Special needs and diets

A: Guests with special needs and/or diets are going to be able to travel with the group as long as the person is totally capable to travel by himself/herself. Diets and special requests may be submitted the very first day of the cruise so the Kitchen will be notified to keep that diet for that guest.



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